Bespoke or standard, we can make your garden building to your own design!

We Install Our Sheds Free Of Charge

Installation is free of charge at the time of delivery providing that there is good access and a suitable base

Garden sheds, chalets, summerhouses and home offices delivered and erected in Essex, London and the Home Counties

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This is a gallery of some of the bespoke and custom built sheds we have built for customers to their own designs.  They range in size from 2'6" X 3' to 21' X 21'. 

If you would like us to provide you with a comprehensive quote for your bespoke building, please contact us using the e-mail link or phone number below.


18 x 8 pent garden shed double door.jpg (1247979 bytes)
18 x 8 pent made to go through house
4 x 6 apex shed double doors.jpg (2604189 bytes)
6 x 4 garden store
17 x 10 pent garden shed joinery doors log store on side slit windows.jpg (284570 bytes)
17 x 10 pent with log store
20 x 9 summerhouse arched windows.jpg (998871 bytes)
20 x 9 apex garden shed
20 x 6 georgian chalet garden shed.jpg (1012488 bytes)
20 x 6 Georgian garden shed
Swimming pool plant AFTER.jpg (3167506 bytes)
7 x 5 garden shed to cover swimming pool plant
8 x 6 chalet with georgianed window and extended roof.jpg (1024972 bytes)
8 x 6 cabin style garden shed
20 x 10 apex garden shed georgian windows and doors partitioned.jpg (1135095 bytes)
20 x 10 apex garden shed
8 x 6 pent taller with windows at roof level.jpg (993968 bytes)

8 x 6 pent garden shed with high windows

21'x21' shed.  One of my favorites!  Notice the double doors in the back r/h corner for the customer to get his sit on lawn-mower in and out of.
21 x 21 cabin
22 x 19 apex garden shed half brick upvc window and door.jpg (1534949 bytes)
22 x 9 apex roof shed on brick plinth
8 x 4 pent garden shed door in end plank taller.jpg (644650 bytes)
8 x 4 pent, door in end
12'x8' apex with the door and windows in the 12' side.  also made one plank higher to accomodate the door 
12 x 8 apex with door in 12' side
8 x 6 apex garden shed georgian windows roof overhang diamond window in door.jpg (1820845 bytes)
8 x 6 apex garden shed
3 ft 6 x 2ft 6 sentry box garden store.jpg (5945995 bytes)
2'6" x 3' sentry box garden store
20'x8' made to go across the back of the customers garden 
20 x 8 apex
41 x 8 apex shed bespoke.jpg (3661976 bytes)
41 x 8 apex shed
8'x6' apex. with wire fixed to the open front, this was for the customers cats to sleep in.
8x 6 apex with aviary front
10'x6' apex with the doors in the 10' side.  The small extra door is for occasions when the customer needs that little bit more room.
10 x 6 apex door and a half in the long side
15'x11' with 1" thick floor for a weight training room
15 x 11 weight training shed
10'x6'apex with the door in the middle of the 10' side.  Standard height
10 x 6 apex, door in 6'
12 X *8 shed with leadlighted windows to customers requirements.
12 x 10 with lead-lighted windows
10 X 8 apex shed with additional windows
10 x 8 apex, lots of windows
Bespoke garden shed 20 X 9 with Georgianed windows and felt shingle roof
25 x 9 apex
10X8_7_FT_HIGH_OPENING_WINDOW_web.jpg (23602 bytes)
10 x 8,  7' tall at the eves
20 X 12 apex shed for storage
20 x 12 apex
22 x11 apex Georgianed garden office with seperated storage at the far end
22 x 9 garden office and segregated storage area
10 X 6 pent with two doors and reversed roof slope
10 x 6 reversed pent
10 X 8 2 storey playhouse
10 x 8 two story playhouse
10 X 8 Apex with Glazing to the 8@ to make a painting studio.
12 x 8 with fully glazed end
12 X 10 Georgian Chalet with opening side window.
12 x 10 Georgian chalet with opening side window
22 x 11 apex with georgian doors and windows
24 x 11 apex garden shed
Bespoke 16 x 10 apex garden shed london essex
16 x 10 apex
16 x 10 Apex garden shed with double doors
16 x 10 apex garden shed double doors
15 x 10 summerhouse with etended roof to the front, 3/4 georgian windows and doors
15 x 11 garden office
DSCF0039.JPG (2429980 bytes)
10 x 6 with additional opening windows
DSCF0058.JPG (2346668 bytes)
6 x 4 tuck shop shed
bespoke Cabin style garden shed 7 x 5
12 x 7 apex with double doors, roof overhang at each end and feature triangular windows
Bespoke chalet 7 x 5 large.JPG (136578 bytes)
7 x 5 chalet with georgian window etc.


This is only a small selection of bespoke and custom built sheds which we have done, but it is fairly representative of the diversity.  If you have a requirement, tell us and we will tell you if its possible and provide you with an all inclusive quote.



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